OpaqueWhite Media Interactive

OpaqueWhite is an independent development transmedia company producing projects from dynamically driven websites to interactive projects, motion graphics and HD production, as well as independent software development projects.

Our most recent project under this umbrella was Big Blue Ceiling.

Big Blue Ceiling was a cloud-based visual effects pipeline capable of supporting animation data and project management for an entirely in-house production pipeline, a fully decentralized visual effects production group scattered all over the world, or anything in-between. The challenges for distributed visual effects work are considerable - even having two experienced vfx houses share a project is complicated to the extent that they rarely share assets (at least not effectively!) because of the lack of standards and the "20th Century" way of passing data between locations.

Big Blue Ceiling aimed to change that by increasing standardization and automating the transfer of shot and show data between multiple (two to several hundred) remote locations.

The purpose was to create a powerfully functional vfx pipeline that required little to no training for artists to get up to speed on: necessitated by the goals of rapidly assembled, remotely working project groups, and to require an absolute minimum of support overhead.

The concepts and technology developed in Big Blue Ceiling were applied to the Facility API and Visual Effects Pipeline at Mirada Studio